Sunday, June 15, 2008

Magnuson Park

A beautiful (rain-free) sunny day in Seattle to spend at the Park with magnificent view of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier in the background.


Fins from US old nuclear submarines from the Cold War. Now they look like a pod of Orcas swimming in the Park.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

International friendly match - Brazil vs. Canada

5/31/08 - Seattle was hosting soccer friendly match between Brazil and Canada at Seahawk stadium. The atmosphere was electrifying as 47,000 fans, mostly in yellow Jerseys, came to watch. I was cheering for the underdog Canada with my Arsenal red and white Jersey :).


The stadium was shaken as the crow roared every time each team scored a goal. It was a close match over all. Each team played competitively with high energy and enthusiasm. The game ended with 3-2, victory on Brazil.

Robino was going for another goal.

A powerful shot from Canadian striker left no chance for the Goalie.

Yatch sailing on Puget Sounds