Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Free Entertainments

These are some of the free entertainments for travelers who wait at Singapore Airport.

Free Foot Massage

Free Internet

Free Game

Monday, August 07, 2006

Internet in the sky!!!

I have to write my first experience blogging and connecting to the Digital World while I am thousands meters high in the sky. Yes I still have Internet access while flying.

Singapore Airline is one of many airlines that are currently offering In-Flight Wireless Access to the Internet for some fees (not free of course). I pay about $10 an hour. But it's worth the experience. I am blogging, surfing and chatting with friends on the plane. The Internet speed is just as fast as the ones on land. Besides, the in-flight service is great: with good food, nice friendly hostesses, personal entertainment system, free wines and alcohols.

This is the picture of the plane leaving Los Angeles to Japan, then from Japan to Singapore. I am still on the way to Japan. My final destination is Cambodia. I will have to wait in Singapre for 7 hours (1 to 8 am). It's going be a long long flight. I hope I will be able to check out Singapore city for a little bit while waiting for my next flight. I can't wait to get home.