Friday, June 24, 2005

One journey of life

You left your country,
your friends and family
To come and study
In a foreign country.

Trying to get a better education
With your heart and determinations
You set your goals and expectations
Trying your best to make accomplishments.

But you realize it is more than just education
You learn about adaptation
You learn to be independent
To be a more responsible person.

You learn to be persistent
And try to refuse disappointments
You learn to make decisions
And try to refuse hesitations.

You learn about the language, the culture,
The self-expression, the gesture,
The social life, the pain and the pleasure
Overall you like being an explorer.

You make new friends
While trying to keep in touch with your old dear friends
Times go by, moment by moment
You hope your times are wisely spent.

You miss home and your family
You miss your friends and their company
You miss the food and the places you used to see
You miss the yearly celebrations and festivities.

This experience makes you learn about life every day,
Makes you grow day by day
You must try to enjoy life in every way
Although life is not easy, as one might say
But hey! You live only once, you shall say.

It's a new life that you are living
This new life can be very challenging
Yet as you continue striving
This new life can be greatly rewarding.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Birthday present

Today is my birthday so I bought myself a Canon PowerShot A520 Digital Camera for my present :D. I can't wait to get my present at the door :D.