Friday, February 24, 2006

Sitting, thinking, reminiscing

Dear Mom and Dad,
It's been 6 years, 6 months and 23 days since I left home to this date
How are you and our family doing?
I'm doing well here and trying to make a living

Seems like yesterday when I came here at 19
It was in Fall where trees' leaves and grass were still green
I was excited with my new life and journey
So many things to learn, many people to meet and places to see

When my first winter came I was so happy
I picked up the snow and tasted it just to satisfy my curiosity
Then snow after snow later
I wish I was home, realizing it just got colder and colder

Then came Spring time when the weather was lovely
For the first time I enjoyed being in the Sun like everybody
I know it may sound funny here
But I could never do that because it's too hot in Cambodia

But Summer was hot and humid, worse than our country
The heat and humidity had no mercy
It's always sticky and sweating
Felt like there's no air for breathing

However, through all the seasons I also enjoyed making new friends
I tried to enjoy college and studied the best I can
I tried to stay fit physically and mentally
Because being away from home, I'm the one who takes care of me

The first year at school was also a difficult year
Trying to get used to different environment and language barrier
I missed home food and hated cafeteria food
But I had to eat for my own good

Another Fall has come and gone by
Another Spring has come and gone by
Another Winter has come and gone by
Another Summer has come and gone by

Season after season and year after year
Many things have changed at home and here
The saddest news that struck me when I first heard Mom had cancer
But she's been battling with it bravely and I have to stay strong for her

Through thick and thin I still persist
There are opportunities lie ahead I can't resist
Just like fire does to iron, these experiences have shaped me
Without going through all these, I don't know what I would be

I'm working and trying to gain experiences now
I hope I can make you both proud
I'm living my life don't you worry
I'm glad I can send back home some money

I can't thank enough for your love and supports
For your sweats, your bloods and your efforts
For your teaching of ethics, what's right and wrong
That is what helped make me strong

Sometimes I think before going to bed at night
What do I want to do for my life?
But no matter what and where I will be
There's always a special place in my heart for my family