Friday, November 03, 2006

Wine-Tasting Trip, Hermann, Missouri, USA (10/28-29 06)

About 3.5 hour drive from Kansas City, there's a town called "Hermann" where the German immigrants settled in a long time ago. The culture and tradition have been passed and preserved from generations to generations since then. Some of their traditions are wine making and celebrating Oktoberfest, one of Germany's biggest Festivals.

I like to open my mind to explore and experience new things because I think if you never try you never know. So my friend and I took a road trip to Hermann. This was my first wine-tasting trip and it turned out to be a memorable trip although we were a bit late for Oktoberfest. The weather was moderately cold but sunny which was perfect for outdoor activities such as wine tasting.

We went wine tasting from one winery to another. I have tasted some great wines and food there and brought back home a few bottles.

The town situates on the hill along Missouri River.

I love Fall leaves

Wine lovers

"Life is too short to drink bad wine." :)

This one is for you Pa. Cheers! To Health and Success! Happy Birthday!

The bright orange of pumpkins attracted me