Saturday, August 27, 2005

Home-made dried food

Here is some of my favorite food that my mom made and sent to me thru my cousin who just got back from Cambodia. From left to right we have pickles, Prah Hok+Grounded Pork, and dried shredded pork (Sach Chrouk Phat).

This food may not be a big deal if you are in Cambodia but it is valuable when you're away from home and don't get to eat it anytime you want. It tastes soooo good :). Thanks mom! All the food arrived here safely :).

Monday, August 15, 2005

Saturday afternoon

I was studying in Barnes and Nobles bookstore. I decided to take some breaks in between and take a few snap shots of the view outside through the window. (Shopping Center, Zona Rosa)

...And later on it rained like cats and dogs. What a great day to stay indoor and study! :P.

Wireless internet is available but is not free :(. I hope it will be someday. Barnes and Nobles let us read their books for free. So why not wireless internet?